Government reveals details of public school COVID-19 outbreak plan

On Wednesday afternoon—less than a week before Nova Scotian K-12 students return to classrooms—chief medical officer of health Dr. Robert Strang and education minister Zach Churchill addressed the public about the back to school plan.

Since the plan was first announced on August 14, concerns from the public have ranged from ventilation in classrooms to class size to the stress of finding extra days off (after all, if your child gets COVID-19, you’ll likely have to stay home during their 14-day isolation period).

“There certainly continues to be a lot of discussion, even some concern, even some criticism, about what will happen in schools if COVID-19 does occur,” said Strang.

To help alleviate those concerns, Strang said he was giving additional information about what would happen when a case was discovered in a school.

“I fully expect we’ll get cases of COVID-19 in schools,” he said. “It doesn’t mean that the plan has failed.…
Source: The Coast News